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by Benjamin Burks on December 10, 2010 · 1 comment

Steven Boyd Curington

RUI Founder    October 1, 1965-October 30, 2010

Steve grew up in Rockford, Illinois, and attended North Love Christian School.  Upon graduation, Steve walked away from the truths he had learned and thus began a 10-year drug addiction.  After a serious car accident, Steve was delivered from his addiction through the support of North Love Baptist Church and the truth found in the John 8:32, “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Because of his newfound freedom, Steve grew a burden to reach out to others.  Thus, he began a small Bible study in his local church in 1996.  This grew and developed and has now reached out to thousands within our local community who have struggled with stubborn habits and addiction.

In 2000, this Friday night program, complete with curriculum, began to be implemented into other communities across the country.  Many were finding freedom from things that once held them bound.  During the course of Steve’s life, he initiated the starting of over 800 Reformers Unanimous local chapters that meet every Friday night across the globe.

With natural leadership and unflagging determination, Steve also saw the need for a residential treatment program in Rockford to restore broken lives.  He secured what is affectionately known as Mulberry, an 18-bedroom apartment building.  Then, he facilitated the purchase of a nursing home on Safford Road that houses up to 100 men.  And just recently, Steve secured a second nursing home on Arnold Street to house up to 80 women.  These three locations, once broken down and vacated, are now beautifully restored like the lives of those who live there and victoriously graduate the program.

The plight of the incarcerated could not be overlooked.  Steve also developed what is known as the Reformers Institutional Program (RIP) curriculum that is used nationwide for the incarcerated to help stop the recidivism.  Many have found freedom behind bars through his teaching and discipleship.

Since its inception, RUI has worked to improve the quality of life for communities worldwide by providing an array of services for those suffering from the effects of addictions. Each week, these “chapters” serve an average of 32,000 people who are affected by addictions, and incorporate the help of over 5,000 volunteers. These individual Friday night programs, as well as the residential programs, not only help the individual seeking help, but also the numerous friends and family members whose lives are affected by the addiction of their loved one.  Families have been restored and relationships have been salvaged as a result of Reformers Unanimous.

We are thankful  for all those who use the tool of Reformers Unanimous , and those considering the tool of Reformers Unanimous to reach your community.  We will be privileged to serve you if afforded the opportunity.  We will endeavor to co-labor with you as you reach those in your community (and even in your church) who are held captive by their strongholds.   Let’s continue the vision of Steve Curington to help others know the Truth that will make them free…finally!

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Slash.andy December 10, 2010 at 9:44 pm

I, as a staff member, will be continuing in the work that was founded here by God through Brother Curington. I know that is was the Lord that called me here, and that calling has not changed at all. He has something bigger than all of us going on here, as I explained in my blog post found here. God Bless!


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