Church member experiences revival trough RU

by Benjamin Burks on April 6, 2013 · 1 comment

When I got into the RU program, I initially came to “shut my son up”- He had been encouraging me (nagging I thought) to attend- From this first part, you can tell where my walk with the Lord was! “Way off!!”-I was a Christian, but a very lazy, unconcerned, and really I guess uncaring person- I attended church Sunday A.M. only- No Sunday School, no P.M. service, and certainly no mid-week service- I read my Bible spasmodically-I did tithe (always) and had pretty good prayer life-
I don’t know what I expected my first night, and frankly I still can’t describe it to anyone, but I was hooked!! I loved it-The program especially appealed to me, as I am extremely competitive-The challenges just “spoke” to me-It was me against the book and other classmates at first-Then God really got ahold of me as the Scriptures, the definitions, the essays, and especially the journaling began to bring about a real change in my life-I don’t think I’ve missed more than 3-4 Friday nights in two years.
RU is really my lifeline-I tell everyone about it, pass out tracts, and just want everyone to know what God can and will do for you if you are willing-
I am an older person, and memorization sometimes gives me trouble, but God is faithful and I always get it done-I am now a group leader and I know the RU program, other than being saved, is the best thing that ever happened to me-Praise God for His faithfulness, even when we don’t deserve it!


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