He Came as a Baby; He’s Coming Back as a King

by Benjamin Burks on December 22, 2010 · 0 comments

One would have to admit there is something strange about the people surrounding the Christmas story. Those chosen to announce the coming King were not from a king’s court, but rather they were they lowly shepherds in the field keeping their flock by night. Mary was a great lady, but to the eye of someone living in Bethlehem, she might have been overlooked.

Though we have always believed her to be young, it is possible that she was much older than the average painting would make her out to be. After all, her cousin Elizabeth was past child bearing years, so the doctors would say. And let’s not forget Joseph, who was in the lineage to be king, and it would only seem like he should have been chosen, but never was. He lived in a “dumpy” area called Nazareth. Nazareth was considered the “other” side of the tracks. Shepherds, Mary, Joseph…not really well-known people; however, I am glad these are the ones highlighted in the first coming of Christ on earth.

Anybody need a Savior? It is clear that those chosen knew they needed one. Neither Herod nor the great leaders of the day were chosen. It was the humble, hurting ones that surrounded His coming. The first visit of the Savior underscores the second coming in power for judgment and reward.

I believe likewise, it will be those reached in ministry outreach, as in Reformers Unanimous, who will be looking for His second return! Those who are hurting, dysfunctional, abused, divorced, reviled, hated, rejected, and in despair…someone gave them the only Truth that makes free – JESUS – and now they are looking for His second coming!

It will not be the US Congress looking for His return, nor the White House, nor even some churches. This season, may we reflect on His first coming and look with anticipation for His return for you and me. If you believe that He came as a baby, you’d better believe He is coming back as the King! These words should provoke us to live righteously in this present world.

I am thankful for the ministry of Reformers and Dr. Paul Kingsbury who have helped hundreds learn to look for His second coming. May we prepare for 2011 and see more prepared for the King and His return.

Do you need a Savior? He is available and He is coming again! Call our offices today and let us introduce you to Him!

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