He Touched Me!

by Benjamin Burks on April 3, 2013 · 6 comments

1 Samuel 10:26, “Saul also went home to Gibeah; and there went with him a band of men, whose hearts God had touched.

What a great phrase that is at the end of our verse, “whose hearts God had touched.” How we all need to be touched by God in our hearts!

There are some, of course, who do not want anything to do with God. This week, in a distant state, my wife and I made a visit to a dear lady with whom we desired to see, as it had been years since we last saw her. Unfortunately, we received anything but a pleasing welcome. She was not sober; and therefore, not even speaking coherently. Our hearts began to pray that God would give her desire to, once again, seek Him and be touched by Him.

Our verse tells us some results when God touches the heart. They include commitment, crowd, and contrast:

There went with him a band of men, whose hearts God had touched.” There was an obvious commitment to Him who had touched them. Are you committed to His will and His ways?

A band of men.” Those touched by God banded together. God’s people want to be with God’s people. Those touched by God want to fellowship with others who have been touched by God.

In the very next verse, 1 Samuel 10:27, we see a contrast: “But the children of Belial said, How shall this man save us? And they despised him, and brought him no presents. But he held his peace.” Those whose hearts are touched by God will bear outward fruit. Their conduct will be a contrast to the ungodly.

I love the words to the great old song,
He Touched Me. It finds a pleasant place to dwell in the soul of those who have been made free. The song’s first verse and chorus read:

Shackled by a heavy burden
‘Neath a load of guilt and shame
Then the hand of Jesus touched me
Now I am no longer the same.
He touched me, oh He touched me
And oh the joy that floods my soul
Something happened and now I know
He touched me and made me whole.
Since I met the blessed Saviour
Since He cleansed and made me whole
I will never cease to praise Him
I’ll shout it while eternity rolls.
He touched me, oh He touched me
And oh the joy that floods my soul
Something happened and now I know
He touched me and made me whole…

Join me today as we meditate on the words to this song and this verse we find in 1 Samuel. If you know of someone who does not want God’s touch at this moment, reach out on his behalf with Agape love – His way is Agape!

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Wanda April 3, 2013 at 7:09 am

Thanks for this timely devotion. It is always good to be reminded of what God has done for you.
God is good, and thank him with a heart full of praise a gratitude for all that he has done for and for the fact that he loved me enough to reach and touch me over and over again.


Pedro April 3, 2013 at 8:09 am

This is exactly what i needed for today. Thank you brother. God bless you.


Harry April 3, 2013 at 10:07 am

It has been 9 months since my wife of 43 years passed. During the last few years because of her illnesses I too was almost as house bound as she was. But now with her passing I am able to be back in church regularly and having the desire to do God’s will for my life. I miss her tremendously but at the same time God has given me back the joy of my salvation. It is exciting. I was feeling guilty about being back in church without her, but glory to God she no longer needs a wheelchair or assistance with standing or sitting, she is leaping if she wants to now, and I know I will see her again. Yes God has touched me. Hold my mule while I shout!!!!!!


Lou April 11, 2013 at 8:36 am

Thanks for sharing this Harry. I believe a lot of people can relate!
God would not have us to feel guilty over such things, and what a testimony! You’re right where He would have you to be.
Bless you Brother.


harry Norris April 11, 2013 at 7:58 pm

Thank you. I’ve had this life verse given to me by God. Phi 2:13″For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.”


Nancy Ali-Dib April 3, 2013 at 9:39 pm

What an awesome song! I cannot hear this without thinking of Bro Tim Farley who sang it often at Grace Baptist Church in Delaware, Ohio. He even sang a solo in RU at times. It was his testimony and spoke to our hearts. Thank you for sharing it.


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