Steven B. Curington Memorial Poem – By Dr. R.B. Ouellette

by Benjamin Burks on November 18, 2010 · 1 comment

The race is run – so quickly done – his work is on earth is through –
His time down here more limited than any of us knew.
But what a mark he made upon this sinful world below
And what a work he leaves behind: more souls to win and grow

How many battered hearts were healed because of what he taught?
How many families reunited through the work he wrought?
How many addicts’ chains because of grace are broken free?
How many lives transformed from sin to like the Savior be?

How many miles were traveled, some new chapter there to start?
How many burdened hours as he to God poured out his heart?
How many early morning flights to get another place
And there proclaim the message of redeeming, saving grace?

How many family dinners did he miss while on the road,
To win the lost, uphold the weak and bear another’s load?
How many hopeless souls found hope and freedom from their shame
Because the saving power of Christ he boldly would proclaim?

How many folks had given up and thought their lives were through
‘Til someone said, “Come with me Friday night – it’s called RU”?
And there they found acceptance and a loving warm embrace
And there they found forgiveness, love and help at Jesus’ face.

The world had said, “You’ll always be the same old bum you are.
You’ll always wear the stain and you will always bear the scar.”
But Bro. Steve said, “Don’t despair and don’t give up,” because
When Jesus comes, the sad “I am” becomes a glad “I was.”

And now the voice is silent and the pen is laid aside.
The last appeal’s been written and the last tear has been cried.
The last “elucidation of the explanation” done –
His toil on earth is finished and his rest in Heav’n begun.

But what he gave us stays behind: staffed, organized and strong,
Still reaching souls and saving lives and teaching God’s new song.
One warrior strong is fallen and his sword for us is gone
But onward and in victory the battle rages on.

So farewell, friend and leader, and farewell, example grand.
We say goodbye and leave you safe within our Father’s hand.
And one sweet day, our grief will fade, our last tear we’ll have cried
And what a grand reunion when we reach the other side!

God help us to remember you and more, the truth you shared.
God help us to remember every life for which you cared
And help us to remember that although our friend is gone,
His cause is ever with us . . . and the battle rages on.

Written by RB Ouellette at Steven B. Curington Memorial

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